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Pool Designers Near Me | The Woodlands, TX

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. is the trusted source of excellent pool designers near me The Woodlands, TX. We offer a variety of service options for our esteemed customers and their families. As winter ends and spring comes, it’s about time to start planning for the warm weather. Our professional pool designers near me work diligently with homeowners to achieve the dream pool they want.

We have serviced numerous happy customers in the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area. You can see our work to closely examine the number of amazing transformations we’ve already completed, and JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite has many more coming.

pool designers near me The Woodlands, TX

With the right pool designers near me The Woodlands, TX, you can turn your dream pool project into an achievable one!

The Pool Designers Near Me The Woodlands, TX Offer Many Services

Whether you’re thinking of repairing your pool or remodeling it, we have great pool service options. We specialize in high-quality remodeling, excavation, plastering, and refinishing for all swimming pool designs.


No matter how small or big the project may be, our pool designers near me The Woodlands, TX are able to assist you. The most common remodeling requests that we often receive are to include special features like spas, tanning ledges, or waterfalls. Homeowners also enjoy having the added feature of a glowing fire bowl to complete the look of their custom-designed pools.


For bigger remodeling projects, excavation work is needed to remove excess materials. With a clean slate, we can start laying down a new foundation and concrete. If there are leftover structures, it could affect the appearance of your newly remodeled pool.


We are able to help you replaster and refinish your pool with materials of your choice. White plaster, also known as marcite, is the most commonly used plaster for pools. Our plaster options include polished, more durable, and premium plasters. Without proper plastering, your pool will miss out on the strong coat of protection against chemicals in your pool water.

Tile and Coping

When it comes to pool remodeling, coping refers to the decorative stone or tiles around your pool. Not only can tile and stone coping enhance the beautiful appearance of your pool, but they are also great for disguising waterlines. Due to the quality of the water and how long it has been left to sit, scum rings are likely to form and pull attention from the rest of the pool. With a nice stone accent, it will help distract people from looking at the slight discoloration.

modern front doors Houston, TX

Don’t miss out on proper groundwork for your pool!

Importance Of Proper Groundwork

While it’s essential to have a nice exterior with intricate designs and details, the groundwork is what makes the pool. Without a proper foundation, you will lose money and face various risks. Pool collapse is a phenomenon caused by improper installation of the bare structure of a pool. If poorly installed on sloping ground or eroding ground, pool collapse is very likely to occur.

Besides the abovementioned excavation process, rebar and framework are vital remodeling processes that must be executed properly.

The rebar process is essential to change your pool’s current configurations. If correctly done, rebar can ensure the added area will hold and support the gunite for years to come. Without rebar, your pool’s original foundation won’t be able to hold the shape of the new design, leading to possible collapse.

The framework should be used to outline the perimeter of pool extensions and other additions. Similar to rebar, this helps keep the added features in shape.

Saltwater VS. Chlorine

The final step to completing your pool remodeling is putting in the water. But what factors should homeowners consider when deciding between saltwater and chlorine? Both types of pools have their benefits and concerns, but our pool designers near me can help you answer all questions in detail.

Here is a brief description of the two types of pool water and how they affect the lifetime of your pool:

  • Saltwater – This is believed to be the cheaper and easier option. But saltwater pools can cost you more money over time. Homeowners also choose saltwater because they’re gentler on the skin and eyes. However, there are certain things to monitor when using saltwater. JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite recommends using gunite if you’re going for the saltwater pool. The reason is saltwater pools tend to break down the plater and roughen the surface of pools faster than chlorine.
  • Chlorine – It’s commonly known that chlorine pools use up less electricity than saltwater pools. In addition, it is cheaper than saltwater pools in the long run. However, homeowners have to closely monitor the chlorine pools’ PH levels to avoid detrimental effects. High chlorine levels can cause skin irritation and lead to adverse side effects. Similarly, low chlorine levels can cause calcium deposits to form on the surface of your pool and break down the surface over time.

Neither option is significantly better than the other, but there are ways to combat the potential problems. With proper and professional maintenance, you can keep the fun in your pool for much longer.

modern front doors Houston, TX

You’ll be able to hold a fantastic pool party when we finish remodeling.

We Are Part Of The Community

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite was established in 1982 and still provides custom pools to the Greater Houston community today. Our company has an excellent 4.2-star rating on Google Reviews, something that other pool remodeling establishments may not have. On top of this, our 40 years of experience guarantees the expertise and the necessary tools to make any design come to life.

To preserve the beauty of our community, it’s critical to understand the adverse side effects of pool construction. During the process of laying the groundwork, a lot of pollution can be created from chemicals and other toxic materials. This is also known as “erosion.” Our pool experts will ensure a solid foundation for your pool and aid in erosion control. JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite implement several methods of controlling erosion.

  • Geotextiles
  • French frains
  • Soil nails
  • Riprap
  • Turbidity Barriers
  • MSE Walls
  • Articulated concrete blocks

Although we are based in Houston, we do provide service to residents in The Woodlands, TX. Contact our pool experts to get an estimate today. Our pool designers near me The Woodlands, TX will work with you every step of the way.

The Woodlands, TX Fun Facts

  • The city was officially opened on October 19, 1974.
  • There are about 151 parks in The Woodlands.
  • There are approximately 118,000 residents in The Woodlands.

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