Pool Remodeling: Choose Gunite for a Long-Lasting Finish

March 31st, 2018

Spring is a time of new beginnings. Colorful flowers peeping up through the soil and sprouting green leaves are just a few of the signs that let you know that it is time to get your pool ready for the swimming season. It is also a fabulous time to consider remodeling or installing a backyard feature: a swimming pool.

Pool Remodeling: Choose Gunite for a Long-Lasting Finish

If you’re doing pool remodeling, choose gunite for a long-lasting finish.

There are many designs you can choose from—above ground, inground, vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. One type, Gunite, can give you years of enjoyment through its durability. At JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, Ltd., our professional crew helps you fulfill your Gunite pool remodeling vision and even take it further.

Why Choose Gunite for Pool Remodeling?

Gunite is a popular choice for remodeling pools because it is very durable and can be used in many ways. Gunite is different from other pool materials because it is made by spraying a mixture of cement, sand, and water over a rebar framework. This makes a strong structure. Here are some important reasons why Gunite is the best material for remodeling your pool:

  • Durability – Gunite pools have a reputation for their exceptional durability. This durable construction is built to withstand any weather conditions, ground movements, and heavy usage, guaranteeing that your pool will stay in top-notch condition for many years.
  • Customization – With Gunite, you can make a lot of changes. Gunite can be shaped to make intricate and unique pool designs, no matter what shape, size, or design you want. This gives you the freedom to make a pool that fits your backyard and your personal taste in style.
  • Aesthetics – Plaster, pebble, or tile are just a few of the many finishing options available for gunite pools, which allows for a vast array of color and texture combinations. You can achieve a luxurious, personalized look that improves the aesthetic value of your outdoor area in this way.
  • Value – Having a Gunite pool on your property can be a valuable investment. The strength and ability to personalize Gunite make it highly desirable, drawing in potential buyers and increasing the overall value of your home.

At JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd., our skilled team is dedicated to providing exceptional Gunite pool remodeling services. We collaborate closely with you to transform your imagination into reality, guaranteeing a stunning, enduring pool that will provide endless enjoyment for years to come.

Plastering the Gunite Pool

Plastering is an important part of finishing a Gunite pool because it makes the surface look nice and keeps water out. We use high-quality plaster from Wet Edge Technologies at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. to make sure that your pool not only looks great but also lasts for years. Our skilled workers carefully apply the plaster, making a finish that will last and look good.

Wet Edge Technologies lets you pick from different colors and textures, so you can make your pool look the way you want it to. This last touch makes your Gunite pool look better and last longer, so you can enjoy a spotless swimming experience.

Pool Remodeling: Choose Gunite for a Long-Lasting Finish

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