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August 31st, 2023

Is replacing inground pool liner with gunite Houston, TX the right way to go? Most pools are installed or built with a vinyl liner. However, gunite pools are becoming more and more popular because of their versatility. If you think it’s time for a change, how about replacing inground pool liner with gunite?

Replacing Inground Pool Liner with Gunite Houston, TX

Replacing inground pool liner with gunite isn’t an easy decision. Let us present all your options to you.

What is gunite?
Technically, gunite is a dry-mixed form of sprayed concrete, also called shotcrete. Gunite pools are known for their longevity and high versatility, lasting longer than most concrete and vinyl pools. Unlike vinyl pools, which often already come in preconceived shapes, you can create a completely custom pool with gunite.

If you’re thinking of replacing inground pool liner with gunite, think hard. The process isn’t as simple as taking one out and putting the other in its place. We’ll have to rip the vinyl pool out and start over with a concrete and gunite base. You’ll have to decide if the investment is worth it because the process will be longer than your typical pool remodeling project.

Most custom swimming pools are created out of gunite. Curved edges, sloping steps, and built-in benches are popular builds on a gunite pool. With gunite pools, you can truly create something unique to your home. If you’re sure about replacing inground pool liner with gunite, JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite LTD can help you.

We have years of experience remodeling our clients’ pools into gunite ones. No matter where you are in Houston, we’ll come to you and show you the possibilities of a gunite pool. We provide free estimates for our remodeling services, and we also have pool financing services for any of our clients’ remodeling projects! Contact us now to hear how we can help you transform your pool.

Let’s Start with Replacing Inground Pool Liner with Gunite Houston, TX

Although pool liners are covered in plaster and sealed with tile and coping, they will eventually reach the end of their lifespan. When your pool starts looking worse for wear, this is your chance to completely change up its original look into something uniquely you! Now, the first question is whether replacing inground pool liner with gunite is worth it.

Our team of experts highly recommends it. As mentioned, gunite is more durable than vinyl or normal concrete, so a gunite pool will naturally last longer than another vinyl liner pool. Even if you have to rip out the entire pool, you’re essentially replacing it with another one that will be worth its weight in money and usage.

Can’t you pour concrete into the hole left by the vinyl liner?
No, because there’s a structural difference between vinyl and gunite pools. Vinyl liners are usually put on top of steel walls and a thin floor made out of grout or vermiculite. On the other hand, concrete and gunite pools are a continuous construction that’s at least eight inches thick on all sides. If we poured concrete into the hole left by the vinyl liner, your pool’s volume and size would shrink.

Replacing Inground Pool Liner with Gunite Houston, TX

Talk to JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite today to learn more about Replacing Inground Pool Liner with Gunite Houston, TX.

There are also some other structural concerns with replacing inground pool liner with gunite. For example, we have to assess the soil condition in and around the pool area, survey the area to ensure there’s enough room for the concrete, and check on your pool’s piping system. If we can greenlight everything on the checklist, it might be better for you to stick with a vinyl pool.

Designing the Gunite Pool

The best feature of gunite pools is that they’re completely customizable! The sky’s the limit of your ideas, and we’ll work to implement everything you want into your gunite pool.

Other than replacing inground pool liner with gunite, we also have several other ways you can remodel your pool. Whether you already have a gunite pool or are deciding on getting one, our remodeling services can perhaps give you some design ideas to freshen up the look of your poolside area:

  • Replaster the Pool – Pool plaster is the coat that goes on top of your shell, whether it’s a vinyl liner or a gunite pool. It keeps the pool chemicals and water from directly touching your pool’s shell and causing any damage or wear. However, plaster itself only lasts seven to twelve years, so you should replaster it when it’s time. Plaster is traditionally white, but we also have other options to give your pool a unique color.
  • Retile & Recoping – The tile and coping around your pool act as a topper and seal on your plaster and pool shell, preventing any water from seeping into the shell and accumulating there. Usually, there’s a lining of tile along the edge of the pool that helps prevent long-term watermarks on the plaster while giving your pool a spark of color. The coping provides pool-goers with a safe ledge to enter and exit the pool, which is often made of wood, concrete, or natural stone.
  • Decking Out the Edges – A pool deck is a way to directly set a space beside your pool for activities and equipment. It helps prevent excess mud or dirt from entering the pool because you won’t be exiting immediately into the grass around the pool area. Most pool decks are treated wood, although some are concrete, composite materials, or natural stone.
  • Water Feature Additions – Water features provide your poolside areas with a bit of ambiance and keep the water flowing. In an area like Houston, which tends to get swarmed by mosquitos in the pits of summer, having flowing water can prevent stagnation. Not to mention, water features like waterfalls and bubbler fountains are just cool to look at.
Replacing Inground Pool Liner with Gunite Houston, TX

Leave replacing inground pool liner with gunite up to the experts at JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd.

Let’s Get Started

There’s no better feeling than knowing that your pool is something you designed yourself. When you want to remodel your pool, call our team to help you with the entire process. We’ve helped clients throughout Houston, and we can help you.

We’ll show you how replacing inground pool liner with gunite can make all the difference in enjoying your pool. Why choose gunite? Call us to get the answer!

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