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River Oaks TX Pool Plastering Near Me

Are you having trouble finding a River Oaks TX pool plastering near me? Look no further! JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite LTD. is the best option for any pool remodeling, pool renovation, and all other pool services you may need.

If you’ve noticed a decline in your pool’s appearance, it may be time to consider getting your pool replastered. This could be in the form of cracks or deterioration in the form of discoloration. There’s no need to stress about it! JR Pools has got you covered. From the easiest repairs to the most complicated renovation projects, there is no job that’s too big or too small for JR Pools.

The experts at JR Pool Plastering are highly recommended and can transform your outdoor living space with ease. Whether you need help bringing it to life by adding water features or if you’d like to add a pool and spa in your outdoor living space, JR Pools is just a phone call away.

River Oaks TX pool plastering near me

So, when it comes to pool plastering, there are many options to consider. For example, if you have noticed any cracks, stains, or chips in your pool’s plaster, the refinishing options we can provide will make your swimming pool look brand new. With our wide variety of specialty products, we can offer a long-lasting coat of protection and enhance the appearance of your pool in a way that will make you fall in love with it all over again.

Your pool’s chemistry is essential to maintain in order to avoid discoloring and deterioration. For instance, when your pool’s chemistry is off, it causes the pool’s shell to crack and possibly even leak. As a result, this can cause a rough surface which can cause injury to the swimmer’s feet with unpleasant cuts and scrapes. Even resulting in bloody feet.

River Oaks TX pool plastering near me

Look no further! Let us build your paradise today!

Pools that contain shotcrete, concrete, gunite shell, and even saltwater pools have an increased possibility to deteriorate. What you need is a durable plastering formula as a finishing layer to increase the longevity of your pool’s shell. We offer the absolute best options for plastering formulas that will keep the shell intact. From a classic white plastering finish to a polished or even a pebbled finish, JR Pools will get the job done.

Pool Plastering Options

When it comes to our plastering options, we recommend considering one of our Wet Edge products. We have six Wet Edge products to choose from, including polished and pebbled finishes. Some of our best Wet Edge products are the Altima or the Luna Quartz options. These products are the most dynamic, top-tiered, and durable options to consider.

Let’s start with the basics. For pool owners who are on a tight budget, the cheaper option to consider would be the standard plaster. This basic plaster mainly comes in white, though you are able to choose from an extensive range of color options for this standard formula.

For instance, choosing a darker plaster formula creates the illusion of a deep water pool. These color options are fun to play with, and you’re sure to find the one that’s right for you. However, this standard plaster is not as durable as the other finishing options. That being said, maintaining the upkeep for the basic plaster can keep your pool looking immaculate for up to a decade.

Polished Finishes

For those with a budget that gives them a little more room to explore, you can consider a polished finish for a more modern look. An aggregate finish could be the chic option that you’re looking for. This option is considerably more of an expensive choice. However, maintaining this finish will last pool owners for up to 30 years.

Want to explore more color options with a polished finish? The polished quartz and marble finishes are the ones to consider. These polished finishers give your pool a glow-up. They affect the water’s texture and color in a beautiful sense. In addition to these choices, we offer a variety of polished color finishes, so you’re sure to find the one that suits your taste.

Pebbled Finishes

Pebbled finishes complement your pool in a more natural and rustic kind of look. This option is the best when looking to integrate your pool with the surrounding areas. The durability, longevity, and price for this option are similar to the polished finish. However, a pebbled finish integrates small river pebbles in the plaster that gives better texture for a more exposed look.

Take a look at some of the pool services JR Pools can offer!

River Oaks TX pool plastering near me

Looking for River Oaks TX pool plastering near me? You’ve found us! Let us recreate your oasis today!

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Pricing Options

As many pool owners know, pool repairs can seem like a nightmarish task. That being said, we have the confidence needed to tackle any pool repairing or replastering task that’s thrown at us. Our extensive history and experience in the industry allow us to commit to even the toughest pool repair jobs in Houston and the surrounding areas.

There are a lot of details and information to review before beginning the process of pool repairs. All potential customers can fill out a pool proposal request form on our website. This gives us an idea of what repairs you need. Above all, this form requests any information we may need to quote our clients appropriately. That being said, it covers the pool descriptions, structural specifications, and size dimensions.

In order to begin our work, we’ll need your input. In other words, we pursue our work while being guided by your vision. We allow the customer to provide input and ideas for how they’d like the transformation to look. We aim to provide you with the backyard paradise you’ve been dreaming of.

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River Oaks TX pool plastering near me

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In conclusion, we can provide efficient expert services to design, create, and repair your backyard oasis. We can guarantee to get the job done in the safest, most efficient way possible. As a locally owned company, we are proud to serve the residents of Houston as we have been doing for decades.

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