Save Your Pool from Drainage Problems with Erosion Control

March 29th, 2018

Drainage problems around the pool can be caused by a variety of situations. Sometimes it is a matter of planters, mulch beds, or improperly graded lawns holding standing water. When there is substantial rain, the water runs right into the pool. Standing water creates unsanitary conditions, and without proper water drainage, you will fight an uphill battle to keep contaminants out of your water.

Reclaim Your Pool from Drainage Problems with Erosion Control

Contractors need to make sure your deck and materials allow for proper drainage control.

Keeping the water in your private oasis clean and easy to maintain takes hard work. Make it easier on yourself and prevent additional deterioration of your backyard pool when you talk to the erosion control contractors at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, Ltd. Our professional team can help control the eroding soil and return your backyard to its pristine state.

Common Areas for Drainage Problems

You might be surprised at the number of places that can be affected by drainage problems. Here are some common areas to look at and work on:

  • Overflowing Deck Planters: Plants around your deck add beauty to your watery oasis and enhance the look of your backyard. But as they grow, they push up the soil. Add annual mulching, and you have dirt sitting higher than the water level.
  • Shifting Decks: It is possible for your deck to shift over the years. You might see puddles appearing on the surface. Sometimes it is caused by hill creep, compaction of soil, or erosion underneath the structure.
  • Poor Drainage Around the Space: The drainage system on your property may not be adequate for wicking away damaging waters. For example, French drains will seep water to a lower spot, but if there are torrential rains, this type of drain does not work either.

Your pool’s drainage system is an important component. When water pools around the pool’s edge due to improper drainage, the ground can become saturated. The surrounding soil may shift or erode due to this saturation, which could compromise the pool’s structural integrity. This can cause the pool’s shell or tiles to crack, which can lead to costly repairs in extreme cases.

When debris and contaminants are introduced into the pool water due to inadequate drainage, the pool’s water quality and maintenance frequency are both affected. To keep your pool in good working order for as long as possible, it is essential to install adequate drainage around it.

Correcting Pool Deck Drainage Problems

After assessing the situation, contact an erosion control contractor who can correct any poor drainage issues. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Remove Plants: If plants are the culprit, you may need to change the landscaping around the deck area.
  • Replace Old Gravel: If your structure is older and you have a gravel trench around the outside edge, it may be time to replace the gravel.
  • Regrade the Land: You could reshape the land by adding swales and removing dirt. It may be necessary to construct or reconstruct French Drains.
  • Reinforce the Perimeter: If the source of the water problem lies outside your land, constructing a swale, retaining wall, or terrace could make a difference.

Hire an Experienced Houston Erosion Control Contractor

Keep your water sanitary and your deck in tip-top shape with the assistance of an expert. Since 1982, the professionals at JR Pool Plastering have served the Greater Houston area with erosion control, installation, and other pool services. Trust our experienced crew to make your swimming pool easy to maintain and a joy to use again.

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Reclaim Your Pool from Drainage Problems with Erosion Control

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