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Seabrook TX Pool Remodeling

If you are interested in any kind of Seabrook TX pool remodeling, we are the contractor to trust. Call JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. at (713) 729-5014 today to see what we can do for you!

Seabrook TX Pool Remodeling

Have your wants or needs changed since you first built your pool?

Maybe now there are children or pets in your life that want to enjoy your pool? Perhaps a friend or loved one is now advanced in age and struggles to get around. We can make accommodating upgrades to your pool to make it safe and fun for everyone.

Have a tanning ledge? We can extend it to create a shallow play area for kids and pets to safely splash about. You can even opt to add lights or spouting fountains to the area for endless entertainment.

Are your stairs difficult for your older friends and loved ones to use? We can modify the stairs and railings to accommodate their specific needs.

Fire Features

Fire bowls and fire boxes can make dramatic and powerful additions to your pool’s perimeter structures and nearby seating areas.

Houston TX pool remodeling

Combine fire and water features for a unique and powerful look!

You can choose to frame waterfalls, spas, landscaping, and other structures with fire bowls of any shape and size. You can make flames dance along any ledge or wall of your choice using fire boxes. These flames can even be encased in glass boxes for increased safety and durability.

Furthermore, these fire features can be combined with calming water features in unique ways. If you choose to frame any pool element with fire bowls, you can add a waterfall or fountain element to the bowl for a majestic and powerful effect. If you choose to add a fire box in a wall in your seating area, consider adding a water wall behind it for a uniquely warm ambiance to accompany your fireplace-like effect.


Seabrook TX pool remodeling

Add a perimeter overflow edge to an elevated section of your pool like a spa.

When combined with fire features, waterfalls add a calm grace to the dramatic power of flames. However, waterfalls are majestic and beautiful when featured solo as well.

From the edges of spas to partition-like water walls to quietly cascading through rock structures, this incredibly versatile water feature can be placed anywhere you can imagine.

Add an infinity or perimeter overflow edge to your pool. Frame your deck or other landscaped area with a calming stream accented by a fountain at its start. Partition off a covered portion of your pool with a water wall. Or even have the raised sides of your stairs literally flow towards the pool or seating area.


A second incredibly versatile water feature we specialize in at JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. is the fountain.

Frame or accent your waterfalls, pool perimeter, spa, or fire feature with fountains of any kind. Have spouting fountains jump up or down a set of stairs alongside you. Or even add a bubbling bird fountain to your garden or seating area.

We also recommend the addition of fountains to many different types of ponds, including fish ponds like koi ponds. With koi ponds, we highly recommend spouting, cascading, or Japanese fountains.


2 of the most common types of ponds are mirror ponds and fish ponds. These ponds can be installed in-ground or above-ground and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Fish ponds are typically full of goldfish or koi. Both of these fish love fountains! Add a bubbling or spouting fountain to entertain them. If you are going for an Asian-inspired aesthetic, Japanese fountains are the perfect addition! Or, if you have a rocky landscape around the pond, consider the addition of a cascading fountain flowing into the pond through it.


Does your pool area need more stone or greenery? Is your private oasis missing its palm trees? JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. can help you solve these problems with landscaping.

Seabrook TX pool remodeling

Upgrade your landscaping as part of your Seabrook TX pool remodeling project.

We can add perfectly-placed planters along the clean lines or gentle curves of your pool. These planters can reflect the geometry of your pool and other pool features and can include fire or water features of their own.

Add those missing palm trees and some smaller greens in the curve of your freeform oasis to get some relaxing daily shade. Frame your above-ground spa with both elevated fire bowls and plants of your choice that you can admire as you enjoy the jets. Complement your accent colors with a pop of colored tile or neutral stone around your planters or add stone accents for additional water features, backsplashes, walkways, or even seating.


Last but certainly far from least, spas are an incredibly popular remodeling option for pool owners in the Seabrook TX area. The shape, placement, and addition of any previously mentioned features can elevate your unique backyard investment to a whole new level. Spas come with amenities and benefits many pool owners enjoy year-round.

Your in or above-ground spa can provide you with a cool and relaxing lounge area in the warmer months, but also a warm, inviting place to socialize in the colder months. Furthermore, this mini dual oasis can hold endless comforts from color changing lights to massage jets.

And even beyond all the comfort they offer, a spa can greatly enhance the silhouette and aesthetic of your pool. If you have a freeform pool, we can add a round or custom-shaped spa to perfectly complement the existing curves of your pool. Instead, if you have a modern geometric style pool, we can add a square or rectangular spa to complement the clean, exact lines of your existing pool.

In either case, consider the addition of previously mentioned features from waterfalls to fire bowls and more.

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Seabrook TX Fun Facts

  1. Firstly, many family-friendly festivals are held every year in Seabrook.
  2. Recently, the population of Seabrook TX was 14,556.
  3. And finally, Seabrook is near to the Armand Bayou Nature Center.
  4. For further information about Seabrook TX, look here!

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