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Sugar Land TX Swimming Pool Remodeling

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Sugar Land TX Swimming Pool Remodeling

Change how your pool looks with Sugar Land, TX swimming pool remodeling. With the help of JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, you can change the impression your pool gives even with a change in detail. With all different kinds of pool designs, your dream pool has never been closer than now! Discuss everything you want in your swimming pool remodeling with our experts when you call now.

Deep Diving into Sugar Land, TX Swimming Pool Remodeling

Sugar Land TX Pool Remodeling

If your pool’s surface is damaged, you need our plastering services. Call us today!

Most people see swimming pool remodeling as something optional. However, remodeling your swimming pool can fall under two categories:

Depending on the materials of your pool’s shell, it might start falling into disrepair around seven to ten years ago. At that point, you’ll need to replaster the surface, change out the equipment, or make some other structural changes.

On the other hand, remodeling your pool’s design is optional. Of course, designs fall in and out of trend every ten to fifteen years, so it’s not uncommon.

It does not matter what sort of remodeling is necessary for your particular pool needs. Whether patching up cracks, fixing leaks, refinishing your pool, or even changing the entire pool shape, we’re your subcontractors for the job! Some pretty common requests for pool renovation and remodeling are tanning ledge installation, water features, spas, and fire features.

We are more than able to add the most relaxing spa to your pool! You could also contemplate adding a waterfall to your present spa or even framing it with an exclusive fire bowl. The possibilities for what your pool can become when you go with JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite are endless!

Why Choose JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite?

Why would you feel inclined to pick us for your remodeling and renovation needs when there are so many kinds of pool-building companies and renovation design businesses? Everybody wants a subcontractor that they can trust. JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite has been in the business long enough to garner enough experience and trust with the pool owners in our local communities.

Pool projects can get messy! That’s why we want to ensure you get the best possible renovations for your commercial and residential pool industry needs. We’ve been remodeling pools since 1982 and have remodeled many different-styled pools into many other-styled pools.

Remodeling Services by Yours Truly

Sugar Land TX Pool Remodeling

Trust JR Pool Plastering for the best remodeling in Sugar Land!

We offer quite a large array of options. Some of our expertise when dealing with Sugar Land, TX Swimming Pool Remodeling services are:

With all of this wonderful expertise under our belt, it’s no wonder why people flock to us every day for their pool renovation needs!

Do I need to remodel?
It’s not a matter of if you’ll likely remodel your pool in its lifetime but when. Our styles, needs, and tastes all tend to change over time. Not to mention, nothing will last forever. Your pool is no exception, and you’ll either grow tired of its current look or time will age it roughly.

Some Remodeling Ideas to Consider

When you’re remodeling your swimming pool, you should consider some factors. Do you or your household have circumstances that make it difficult to enjoy a standard swimming pool? Do you want to update the swimming pool, or do you only want to change some details? Depending on your answers, you can create a swimming pool remodeling plan that’s unique to yourself.

Firstly, extending a tanning ledge and installing spouting fountains can create a safe but splashy play area for small kids and pets. Adding a spa or hot tub also provides a comfortable shallow area for the entire family that doesn’t want to or can’t completely submerge themselves.

If flashing lights is a tactic used to get the attention of deaf loved ones, it’s possible to install lights in strategic areas of your choice within the pool. If you have an older or disabled loved one who can’t comfortably use the pool, we can modify your stairs or even install handrails to help.

Once again, the possibilities are indeed endless here at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite! With all this in mind, let’s discuss some options that remodeling provides further. When you’re a client of JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, you’re the only person we answer to.

Sugar Land TX Pool Remodeling

Be the envy of the neighborhood with your brand new pool remodeling!

The Entire Remodeling Process

Our subcontractors will work tirelessly to ensure you get precisely the vision you’re picturing. JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite is here to search for a little less painful. Some of our options to consider in the remodeling process include things such as:

  • Excavation
  • Framework
  • Concrete
  • Rebar
  • Gunite

If a particularly intense renovation occurs, excavation is a must for you and your pool. Excavation is the removal of certain materials, such as stone, tile, or even concrete. Other types of remodeling will require, at most, a simple cleaning. However, when it gets down to the more intense remodeling projects, excavation is sure to be a step along the way.

A wooden framework will outline the perimeter of some of your pool remodel projects, including additions such as a spa or a pool extension. The framework will be done in remodeling projects that involve both above-ground and in-ground pool additions.

Bases are typically made with concrete flooring. The concrete will be poured to create longevity and more stability for some of the larger renovations done. If you want a gunite shell, we’ll spray this type of material around to create unique shapes for your pool.

Choosing JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite

When getting a pool renovation done on your commercial or residential property, you want it to come out just like you picture it. That’s why you need to stop waiting around and give our professionals a call today at (713)-729-5014. We’re based in the Houston area, so we’re always ready for a local project.

Here at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, we’re passionate about our pools and will always be as excited as you are to see the end result. Give us a buzz today for the best quality and rates for Sugar Land, TX Swimming Pool Remodeling!

Fun Facts of Sugar Land, TX

  • Sugar Land resides in Fort Bend County.
  • It was initially a company town back in 1959!
  • The Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land is here and features a digital dome theater and saltwater aquarium.

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