Summertime Pool Installation

June 21st, 2021

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means–it’s time for a new pool in your backyard! If you’re looking for the best tips for getting your pool installed correctly, contact the experts at JR Pools! Our team has been in the pool business for almost four decades, and we’re here to help steer you right. With that in mind, we don’t recommend getting your pool installed in the summer, although we aren’t going to stop you.

The summer months are known as hurricane season, and in Texas, June and July are the rainiest months of the year. So, we can guarantee that you’ll experience interruptions in the pol construction process due to rainy days. Not only does the rain delay installation, but it also ruins the quality of your pool as well.

Many people aren’t aware of these hazards and book pool installation services during the summer periods. However, if you don’t want to be stuck on a long waiting list, your best bet is to schedule your pool construction for the fall or winter.

Summertime Pool Installation: What to Know

Summertime Pool Installation

Our water feature installations can bring so much more to your backyard pool!

While getting a pool built in the summer can be fun, it does come with a cost. Rainwater does some pretty extensive damage to pools -not just the exterior of the pool but the actual water composition as well.

Rainwater is actually acidic, believe it or not. The pH of water can negatively affect your pool chemistry. Things like the alkaline level or chlorine level can be wildly thrown off.

What’s more, the pH and alkaline levels can corrode the plaster and metal parts of your pool. The amount of rainfall you get will depend on the extensiveness of damage for your pool overall. Making sure to change out your pool water frequently after rainfall will ensure that your water is safe to swim in and safe for your pool’s quality.

If you find that rain is a problem for you, then have our technicians come out and inspect your pool; we’ll be able to lower your pool water level. Always consult the experts before proceeding to empty out your pool on your own! You don’t want to cause more erosion and damage than might be already happening.

If you’d like to learn more about pool installations during the summertime and why it’s best to avoid these times, contact the experts at JR Pools. You can reach our team by calling 713-729-5014. JR Pools is here to help when you’re considering a Summertime Pool Installation.

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