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March 4th, 2024

Are you a Greater Houston homeowner who is considering a swimming pool renovation near me River Oaks, TX? JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. can help you whether your pool is looking worn out or you just want to change the way it looks.

The varied tastes of Houstonians are reflected in the city’s many pool designs and sizes. In this lively metropolis, you can find pools that cater to any taste, from traditional designs to contemporary havens. No matter the size or design of your pool, it is essential to renovate it regularly to keep it looking good, working well, and being safe.

swimming pool renovation near me River Oaks, TX

No one does swimming pool renovation near me River Oaks, TX better than we do.

Signs You Need a Swimming Pool Renovation Near Me River Oaks, TX

Pools can experience a range of problems that call for repairs as they get older. Deterioration of the pool’s surface is a typical symptom. The aesthetic value of the pool and its safety are both compromised when plaster develops flaws like cracks, chips, or rough spots. Water can seep into the pool’s structure due to these issues, which can cause additional damage in the long run.

Outdated or inefficient pool equipment is another red flag that might necessitate a swimming pool renovation near me. It may be more difficult to maintain a clean and comfortable pool with older pumps, filters, and heaters. Your pool’s performance and your utility bills will both benefit from an upgrade to more modern, energy-efficient machinery.

Furthermore, renovations might be needed if water leaks or loss occur frequently. It is important to fix any issues with the pool’s plumbing or structure as soon as possible if you notice a leak.

Last but not least, a swimming pool renovation near me is a terrific option to revitalize your backyard sanctuary if you are unhappy with its appearance or functionality. Renovating your pool can help you get the pool of your dreams by updating the style, adding new features, or making it more efficient.

What Are Some Popular Ideas for a Swimming Pool Renovation Near Me?

If you want a swimming pool renovation near me, there are some popular ideas that will make the area around your pool more useful and nice to look at. JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite is exceptionally skilled in remodeling and repairs, so feel free to reach out to us to make your dreams a reality.

Updating the pool plaster and finish is one of the most common ways to make changes to a home. One way to do this is to cover the pool with new plaster, pebbles, or tiles to make it look and feel different. A lot of people choose modern colors and textures for their pools to make them look better overall.

swimming pool renovation near me River Oaks, TX

We can add amazing features to your pool.

A swimming pool renovation near me is a great way to give it a new look and feel, but it’s also a chance to upgrade your pool experience with some high-end amenities. A spa addition is a common accessory that can turn your pool into a tranquil retreat.

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd.’s custom spa designs can enhance your pool’s aesthetics and provide you with an elevated experience of relaxation, whether you prefer a freestanding spa or one that integrates seamlessly with your pool.

Another popular swimming pool renovation idea is adding water features. Adding waterfalls, fountains, and jets to your pool area can make it look more fancy and help you relax. These features are not only lovely to look at, but they also make the space relaxing for you and your guests.

You can also enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your pool area with decking options such as natural stone, pavers, or stamped concrete. Changing out the pool lights is another common upgrade. Colorful LED lights, especially when turned on at night, can produce a breathtaking display. Not only does this make your pool look better, but it also makes it safer by making it easier to see where you are going.

Renovate for Safety Reasons!

For families with small children, pets, or people with special needs, improving the pool’s safety features is an essential part of renovating the pool. To ensure that your pool area is both safe and accessible for all, JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. provides individualized renovation solutions.

We can build a shallow splash and play area for families with small children and pets by extending a tanning ledge and installing spouting fountains. As a bonus, this makes the pool safer for children and pets by limiting their access to the deeper parts of the pool.

Our team can also put flashing lights in specific spots around your pool area if you have family members who are deaf. These lights are easily activated to grab their attention to ensure they stay safe while enjoying the pool.

Ask us to install handrails or modify your pool stairs to make them more stable and accessible for people with disabilities or age who may have trouble using the stairs for regular pool entry. Everyone will be able to relax and enjoy their pool area safely and comfortably after making these adjustments. Make your property more accessible and safe for you and your family by considering these swimming pool renovation near me options.

What Benefits Come with Hiring Experts?

swimming pool renovation near me River Oaks, TX

Let us turn your old pool into something more lively!

Hiring a professional pool remodeling service, like JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd, has many benefits. If you want your swimming pool renovation near me done properly the first time, you need our team of specialists.

They bring a lot of knowledge and experience to each project. Our work consistently surpasses expectations thanks to our meticulous planning and faultless execution.

Additionally, you can access the most recent industry trends and materials when hiring a professional renovation company. We provide state-of-the-art solutions that improve your pool’s efficiency, beauty, and functionality by keeping up with the latest innovations and techniques.

We have the expertise and resources to fulfill your every wish, including cutting-edge technology, environmentally conscious components, or contemporary design elements.

Furthermore, you can avoid a lot of trouble and wasted time by hiring experts to handle your renovation project. We ensure everything runs well by taking care of the renovation from start to finish, including the design and installation.

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You can rely on JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. to provide exceptional results that elevate the beauty and value of your pool, thanks to our dedication to quality and customer happiness. Give us a call today!

Fun facts about River Oaks, Texas:

  • Designer stores and high-end boutiques like Hermès, Dior, and Tom Ford make the River Oaks District famous for its high-end shopping.
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  • The district is right in the middle of Houston, close to downtown and other popular parts of the city.

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