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The Woodlands TX Pool Remodeling

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The Woodlands TX Pool Remodeling

If you are searching “The Woodlands TX pool remodeling,” then contact JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite Ltd. We have several years of experience and numerous satisfied customers. Our team is an expert at all things pool remodeling. During our process, you will have every opportunity to express your creative side.

The Woodlands TX Pool Remodeling

Turn your pool into a backyard paradise.

We are here to provide you with the pool features of your dreams. In turn, your dream pool becomes a reality. The Greater Houston area is a great place to own a swimming pool. You can easily slip into a slice of paradise after a long day at work.

JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite offer pool renovations at every stage. From the smallest details to the largest pool remodels our team can get the job done effectively and as fast as possible. Our company has competitive rates so you can get the best price on your dream pool.

If you are on the fence about remodeling your pool, then there are a few signs you should be wary about. Our remodeling services can help spice up your existing swimming pool through various features and modern looks. Past pool owners have thanked us for the life we injected into their bleak-looking pool.

Benefits of The Woodlands, TX Pool Remodeling

You may be on the fence about a pool remodel. In that case, you should consider the many benefits they offer. The Woodlands pool owners are benefiting greatly from their pool remodeling.

We understand how remodeling projects can be a hassle. However, we make the process smooth, and we move as fast as possible.

Energy Efficiency

The age of your pool may be detrimental to energy costs. Older pools were built with resources that consume a lot of energy, such as wiring, plumbing, and pumps.

These features can consume excessive amounts of energy, which leads to a higher utility bill. In order to cut down on these expenses, remodel your pool. Modern pool pumps are designed to save the homeowner money. In some cases, you can invest in a pump that runs on solar energy.

Improved Safety

Safety is important when it comes to a pool, especially those with children. Kids between the age of 1 and 4 are at high risk of nonfatal or fatal drowning. Older pools may not be equipped with safety features that would significantly reduce risk. A pool remodel can add safety features for those with children, such as a tanning ledge and railings.

Improved Look

Your current pool may look the way you want it, but does it take you to a tropical island or high-class resort? Our pool services can help your pool look like it was pulled out of a travel brochure.

We can add a variety of features and improve the look of your pool. We can add a new finish, tiling, LED lights, and so much more. Let us help you impress your guests when they come over to your next party.

New Features

The Woodlands TX Pool Remodeling

A spa can be incorporated into your pool along with a variety of other features.

Features are arguable the best part of the pool. JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite have numerous options for you to choose from. We are capable of installing a wide range of features into your pool. Waterfalls, spas, ponds, jets, LED lights, and tanning ledges are just a few options.

Types of Pool Features

The features you want in your pool will help you fall in love with your pool over and over. You might even have a hard time getting your guests to leave once they experience paradise in your backyard. JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite’s team of designers will help you implement the features you are wanting.

Tanning Ledge

The tanning ledge is a great safety feature and doubles as a relaxing feature. Tanning ledges can be built on the edge of your pool or separated from your pool.

Tanning ledges are submerged in about six inches of water. If you have children, this feature can serve as a kid’s pull. You can also place your tanning chair on the ledge to get some sun while the water is beneath you.


Add elegance and romance to your pool with waterfalls. Waterfalls can be incorporated into your pool in a variety of ways. You can also request waterfalls included with other features like a spa or grotto. When the features of your pool start working together, they begin to create your backyard into a resort.


Fountains make a statement about your pool. Sophistication and class mix when you add fountains to your pool’s atmosphere. You can also expect to impress your guests when they are presented with a variety of fountains. LED lights may also be added to your fountains for when the party really starts.


Spas or hot tubs match with pools so well. Spillover spas can be built alongside your pool in several ways. The spa can feature several features of its own like jets, LED lights, and its own waterfall.

The way we can design your spa is almost unlimited. Connect your spa with your pool or make them separate. Regardless, the spa is an excellent addition for those wanting a place to relax.

The Woodlands TX Pool Remodeling

The features of your pool will impress guests beyond belief.

Jets and LED Lights

We have mentioned jets and LED lights already, but these two features pair greatly together. Features such as deck jets shoot water from the deck back into the pool. These features, paired with LED lights, create a unique look for your pool. Jets and LED lights are also capable of being implemented in other areas of your pool.

The Woodlands TX Pool Remodeling

The variety of features listed above only skim the surface of what could be added to your pool. If you want to know more about our pool remodeling services, then visit our Houston location or give us a call.

You can reach our team by calling (713) 729-5014. Call us for an estimate today; our team will help you create the pool of your dreams. Let us help you obtain the pool of your dreams. So, stop searching “The Woodlands TX pool remodeling” and contact our team today!

Fun Facts about The Woodlands, TX:

  • The Woodlands area is called “The Invisible City.”
  • Eight thousand acres of open space and forestry remain untouched in the area.
  • Many bird species migrate and live here each year!

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