Warm Up with Spa and Hot Tub Additions

October 26th, 2022

Warm Up with Spa and Hot Tub Additions

Take some time for yourself to relax in a cozy spa addition.

Just because temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean you have to ditch your outdoor pool area entirely. You can still enjoy the calm sensation of relaxing in the water by adding a spa or hot tub to your backyard. Spas and hot tubs add a chic, sophisticated look to your yard, and during the hotter months, they offer a separate space for older guests to enjoy while younger guests are having fun in the pool.

Our pool remodeling experts can visit your home and create any kind of addition to your pool that you want, including hot tubs and spas. Why not try adding another little piece of paradise to your home with one of our gorgeous spa additions?

Warm Water to Soothe Your Aches

Hot tubs are an excellent way to relax and pamper yourself. Not only are they enjoyable, but they offer health benefits, too. For example, soaking in hot water can help reduce your anxiety and relax your sore muscles. The high water temperature can also help increase your circulation in the tub, lowering your blood pressure and allowing your heart to exert less effort. There’s something special about enjoying a luxurious soak in a hot tub, so consider adding one to your backyard today!

Add Some Bubbles to Your Spa Day

Warm Up with Spa and Hot Tub Additions

Make your outdoor area luxurious with a hot tub or spa!

No hot tub is complete without an exciting set of jets to spice things up. Not only are they fun little add-ons, but they can also offer interesting health benefits. They combine the benefits of hot water with a targeted aim that can provide extra soothing power to your sore joints and muscles.

Here are a few types of spa jets you can choose when adding a spa or hot tub to your outdoor area:

  • Rotational Jets—These jets are typically found in high-end spas and function by moving air and water in circular motions.
  • Directional Jet – Just as the name indicates, these jets move air and water in one direction using an area of high pressure.
  • Pulsator Jet – A pulsator jet creates a pulsating water stream by applying water pressure to a central section inside the jet that alternates filling sides.
  • Multi-massage Jet: Several holes divide the water from this jet into multiple individual streams, which can then be directed to any part of your body. It offers speed control and two settings for normal and deep pressure.
  • Portable Jet—These special jets are not built into a spa but can be freely attached to any regular bathtub. You can also use them to add additional jets to a spa with built-in, pre-existing jets.

Did you know you can also request lights and other features for your custom spa or hot tub? Consider adding lights with a soft glow to encourage nighttime soaks. Or perhaps you’d enjoy an array of brightly colored lights that make hot tub gatherings with friends feel like parties!

Keep the good times rolling even in cooler weather with a beautiful new spa or hot tub addition to your home. JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. offers endless customization options to make your backyard perfect. Feel free to visit our gallery for inspiration, or call us today to discuss your brand-new water features!

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