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Webster TX Gunite Pool Repair

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Webster TX Gunite Pool Repair

When it comes to Webster TX Gunite Pool Repair, you can always rely on the professional team here at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite. Thanks to four decades in the industry, our pool care experts have assisted countless homeowners as they aim to find the most appropriate pool repair solutions. The goal here is simple. We aim and work to keep clients and their families safe while also helping pool owners create the pool of their dreams.

Our pool remodeling services have helped pool owners keep the filter clean, replaster the surface, deal with crack, and other pool repair services. All you have to do is get in touch with the problem, and we’ll take care of the rest. Customer satisfaction is always at the heart of our mission, as we love working with people and getting our job done the right way. As the leading pool experts in the area, we are always committed to excellence.

About Webster TX Gunite Pool Repair

Gunite, also referred to as shotcrete by some, is a mixture that’s adaptable and very durable. This material is used when building swimming pools. Both shotcrete and gunite fall under the umbrella of concrete.

Pool Repair Experts

Pool Repair Experts

It’s not uncommon to hear some refer to concrete pools as gunite pools and vice versa. The mixture is applied evenly to foundations of pools and to line them. Gunite pools, while great in various aspects, are still like other types of pools in that they are very susceptible to damage and will need repairs sooner or later.

Common Gunite Pool Problems

Before you start looking for a pool repair service, it’s best if pool owners become adept at the most frequent problems with gunite pools. Keep in mind that every pool has its advantages and shortcomings, so you have to take that into account when working on repairing your pool. Gunite pools are great, and for many reasons, but in this article, we’ll cover some of the problems that may plague your pool, and others like it.

Cracks and Leaks

While all pools are vulnerable to cracking, there are pools that have more probability of suffering from cracks and leas. The bright side in all of this is that there are various ways to deal with these types of problems. On the other side, there are also great factors that will surely contribute to making pools more prone to cracking, regardless of how new the pool is.

One of the more common factors that lead to cracks in pools is faulty designs and installations. Pools that follow bad designs are some, and those that aren’t installed properly are more than likely to suffer from cracks. Moreover, cracks that go all the way through the pool’s shells are the same cracks that lead to pools leaking.

There are various types of pool cracks that can develop. For example, some cracks may only affect the paint of the pool or its finish. These cracks are still very uneasy on the eye, but they are not too serious in terms of leaking possibilities. On the other hand, cracks that penetrate the pool’s concrete are cause more concerns as they are more likely to cause leaks to develop.

Rough Pool Surface

Gunite pool surfaces are known to be rougher than the surfaces of vinyl and fiberglass surfaces. With that said, rough pool surfaces can actually offer a compromise between slip resistance and comfort.

With that said, it’s totally understandable that you won’t be happy with the roughness of the pool’s surface. Fortunately, there are solutions to this. First, though, you have to know whether the pool is dangerous. If grazing the surface with your knee causes an uncomfortable scratch, you can bet that your surface is too rough.

Moreover, pool surface roughness can be caused by many types of factors. This includes delamination, calcium nodules, and excessive surface cracks, all contributing to the problem.

Webster TX Gunite Pool Repair

Webster TX Gunite Pool Repair

Pool Lifting From the Ground

Occasionally, our team will come across a gunite pool that pops out of the floor. This is a major problem and one that can be prevented by turning to our Webster TX Gunite Pool Repair experts. We’ll take care of the problem through the professional installation and maintenance of a hydrostatic valve.

Flaking Plaster

One thing you should always keep in mind is the fact that plaster is used for lots of gunite pools. In addition, plaster is pretty similar to cracks as they can face problems when installed the wrong way. The best bet in order to avoid these types of problems is leaving the pool plaster installation to experienced and skilled contractors. Doing so will go a long way in preventing spalling.

Pool Discoloration

Concrete, just like many other types of stone surfaces, will absorb liquids, causing it to stain. And while pool discoloration is more of a minor issue, it’s still a very frustrating one for pool owners all around the world. A common reason for this to happen is an imbalance in the pool’s water chemistry. With that said, you can prevent these types of problems by having your pool’s tested and ensuring that the pool’s chemistry is properly maintained.

Improper installation of plaster and frequent pauses when you’re filling the pool can also lead to the pool discoloration.

Repair Methods

One of the reasons you should have your pool professionally maintained is that neglecting to do so can be dangerous to you and your family. The way you deal with these types of problems is also very important. Of course, the solution you choose depends on the pool problem you’re facing. Some Webster TX Gunite Pool Repair methods include:

  • Replastering
  • Acid washing
  • Plumbing repairs

Generally speaking, pool issues can be avoided by making the right precautions. Things like keeping optimal pool pH and proper installation methods can go a long way.

Leave your pool repair to us

Leave your pool repair to us

Webster TX Gunite Pool Repair

For effective and professional Webster TX Gunite Pool Repair services, call (713) 729-5014. Check our plastering and see our work webpages for more information as well. Our Webster TX Gunite Pool Repair services are here to help, so take advantage.

Webster TX Fun Facts

  • Located midway between downtown Houston and Galveston
  • The approximate population is 1.5 million
  • Home to more than 2,200 businesses
  • Learn more about Webster TX here

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