Home » Webster, TX Gunite Pool Resurfacing Cost

Webster, TX Gunite Pool Resurfacing Cost

Home » Webster, TX Gunite Pool Resurfacing Cost

Webster, TX Gunite Pool Resurfacing Cost

Find the best Webster, TX Gunite Pool Resurfacing Cost at JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite. Regardless of the pool remodeling service you require, rest assured you will find it at our offices. When you request a quote, we’ll give you the best gunite pool resurfacing cost.

Best Webster, TX Gunite Pool Resurfacing Cost You Will Find

To learn more about the prices for installing any pool additions or special features, continue reading or contact our company. No other place will give you a better Webster, TX Gunite Pool Resurfacing Cost than us.

Webster TX Gunite Pool Resurfacing Cost

Contact JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite for your dream pool.

Interested in Remodeling Your Pool

One of the primary work at JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite is pool remodeling. Our team is your one-stop subcontractor for all minor repairs and major renovations. With our years of experience in the industry, we can provide high-quality, safe, and beautiful tools. Throughout our 40 years in business, we have gained knowledge and the necessary equipment to make your dream pool a reality.

If you are already a pool owner and would like to remodel your backyard investment, give us a call today. We offer several services that can help reshape, fix leaks, or add to your existing pool. Some of the additions that we provide range from tanning ledges to water features, handrails, and more.

Whether you are looking to add to the aesthetic of your pool or make it safer, we have you covered! Our pool builders understand that styles change, and sometimes, we need adjustments to help keep children and elders safe. After all, your pool is a place that everyone should enjoy. Let us make your pool a fun family gathering place by adding to the safety and overall look!

The Excavation Process

Is your family growing? If it is, you will require a larger pool for everyone to enjoy a swim. When this is the case, you can count on JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite to help. Whenever you are extending your pool or interested in a change in shape, you can expect our team to do some excavations.

Excavation is simply the act of clearing an area. For instance, to extend your pool, we must remove dirt to make space for the new addition. Also, this process may require us to remove sections of your already existing pool. However, before we can do this, we will need a city permit and be aware of our building codes.

To keep you on track, our local renovation experts will assist in all the paperwork and permit process. During this time, it is also vital to discuss any plans for additional installation. Therefore, if you would like to add any lights or seating, you must let us know before we move into pool finishes and coping.

Webster TX Gunite Pool Resurfacing Cost

Webster TX Gunite Pool Resurfacing Cost

Reshape Your Existing Pool with Rebar

While some people look to extend their pools, others are simply not happy with the shape. When this happens, you can always consider reshaping your pool with our assistance. To do that, we will require the help of rebar. Rebar is extremely vital in maintaining the shape your new addition will take on and helping it last longer.

Starting the reshaping of your pool may require some excavation or just simple pool cleaning. Next, our team will mark the perimeter of the new shape with a wooden framework. To add stability, we will pour a concrete deck and then move to lay in the rebar. After the rebar grid is placed, we will continue to spray on the gunite. Once the gunite shell cures, you will be able to enjoy your new and improved pool!

Some of the additions that rebar can make possible include tanning ledges, spouting fountains, and even custom spas. Also, we can add safety features that will protect all children, elders, and disabled loved ones. To learn more about such additions, you can contact us soon and start the process of reshaping and designing your home.

Refinish Your Pool

Another main service that we provide is poor refinishing. Commonly, people use traditional white plaster and marcite. However, if you are looking to upgrade, our company offers several other options. If you notice any cracks or discoloration, you should consider refinishing your pool and looking into better plaster options.

For an upgraded swimming pool, consider our more durable, polished, and premium plaster options and pebbles. There are two replastering options that our team will highly recommend. They include the Wet Edge products Altima and Luna Quartz. Not only have these formulas improved, but they also offer more longevity and durability.

During the refinishing or replastering process, we can take care of any problems with cracks and leaks. Such complications can lead to your pool surface becoming rough. However, when you own a concrete pool or saltwater pool, you can avoid such incidents. No matter the problem you experience, count on JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite to solve it.

Webster TX Gunite Pool Resurfacing Cost

Many benefits come with choosing tiles and coping.

Tiles and Coping

If you are searching to add beauty and safety to your pool, we suggest considering tiles and coping. Although most people might believe that this option only improves aesthetics, it also offers safety. The term coping refers to the stone or tile that lines the inner or outdoor edge of your pool. While it does improve the overall look of your pool, it also helps protect your skin from burning.

Also, it can disguise any scum rings from the waterline of your pool. Due to the material of the tiles or stone, it is likely for scum not to form. More so, coping helps prevent the concrete shell of your pool from craking. Sometimes, when concrete is exposed to the elements, it can deteriorate and crack. However, coping helps protect the concrete from such events.

Not only will coping reduce the pool maintenance needed, but it will also add more beauty to your pool. You can even add water features such as waterfalls, spas, or fountains. With tiles and coping, you can choose between colors to help fit your perfect style.

Achieve Your Dream Pool with JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite

If you are ready to improve your pool, visit JR Pool Plastering and Texas Gunite. For a cost estimate, you can contact us online or call one of our representatives at (713) 729-5014. We’ve been serving the Greater Houston area for many years, and we have many pool financing options available. You’ll find the best Webster, TX Gunite Pool Resurfacing Cost with us!

Webster, TX Fun Facts

  • Webster, Texas, used to be home to the Karankawa Indians.
  • In 1879, the town was founded by James W. Webster.
  • Until 1958, Webster was considered a village.

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