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Webster TX Pool Deck Resurfacing

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Webster TX Pool Deck Resurfacing

If you want to transform your backyard pool area into a beautiful oasis, consider getting Webster TX Pool Deck Resurfacing services from JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. We have an experienced crew that has years of combined experience resurfacing pools and pool decks. Furthermore, you can count on us to give you the best results in your pool deck project.

JR Pools specializes in all types of pool modifications, including excavation, rebar placement, gunite, and other aspects. Why not transform your backyard pool area into a great outdoor space complete with pool features? Additionally, you can trust our team to produce high-quality artistry.

For those who think they need a pool resurfacing service, JR Pools can assist in that aspect as well. Our overarching mission is to provide services that emphasize our expertise. We can help you with the design, plans, and creation of your outdoor oasis. By the time we are finished, we know you will be overjoyed with the results.

Webster TX Pool Deck Resurfacing

Trust JR Pools for your Webster TX Pool Deck Resurfacing!

Types of Pool Decking

For those evenings when you want to hang out by the pool, having the right pool decking can make a difference. Many pool owners focus on the cleaning aspect of pool care and don’t fail to take into account the decking.

However, because pool decking remains wet the majority of the time, it is important to carefully consider what type of materials are the right fit. Continue reading to find out more about pool decking options!


Wood decking can give your pool area an exquisite and refined look. However, there are specific wood species you will want to choose from because not all wood is suitable for a pool deck. Exterior woods like redwood, teak, or cedar are excellent options. These types of wood naturally repel water and insects.

Another aspect of wood decking to consider is the fact that it requires a floor joist system. Essentially, this means the boards cannot be installed directly on the ground but need to be attached to a foundation structure. While wood pool decking could make an easy DIY project, it is sometimes more ideal to hire a professional installer.


No matter what stone you choose for your pool decking, it is sure to add an amazing touch to your outdoor pool space. There are numerous natural stone choices that make for suitable decking. The following is a short-list of stone types that are commonly used for pool decking:

  • travertine,
  • flagstone,
  • slate,
  • bluestone,
  • limestone,
  • sandstone,
  • granite,
  • coral stone

The cost of stone decking will vary according to the type of stone and square footage of your pool deck space. Its soft and smooth surface makes stone an ideal decking for pool spaces.

Webster TX Pool Deck Resurfacing

See the benefits of Webster TX Pool Deck Resurfacing by calling JR Pools today!

Concrete and Cement Pavers

Concrete is a long-lasting pool decking material that remains fairly resilient to damage over time. And, if cracks do appear, they are typically an easy fix. Simply put, concrete decking is easy to maintain and install. One of its benefits is that it doesn’t move as settling occurs.

Cement pavers are a relatively inexpensive alternative to natural stone. However, pavers must be installed properly; else, you risk them settling and sinking into an uneven decking. This could pose a dangerous trip hazard for people enjoying your pool space.

Cement pavers must be installed over a bed of sand or gravel, which keeps them on an even level as settling happens. Additionally, most pavers are non-slip and are available in a variety of earth tones and basic geometric shapes.

Surface Coatings

Surface coatings are typically sprayed onto an already existing pool deck. Some contain or are a combination of epoxy, resin, sand, and cement. Many of these spray coatings add a texture to the pool decking, which makes it non-slip.

Additionally, these coatings are easily maintained and waterproof. So, if your decking simply requires an update, consider a surface coating that will tighten the seals and add texture.

Tile and Brick

Tile and brick decking are much pricier than other materials. Most tile is available in light earth tones that add elegance to your backyard landscape. Brick is a durable material that has a classy feel and accentuates the style of historic homes.

However, both of these options tend to be much pricier than other types of materials. Brick is a great DIY project, but it must be installed properly on a bed of sand. If this is not done, the brick can sink and create an uneven surface for your pool deck.

The installation of a tile pool deck will be costly as most professional installers will suggest that the tile be placed on a concrete slab. If you currently have a concrete pool deck, then that could lower the price dramatically.

While bricks tend to have a textured surface, tile decking will likely require a surface coating. This will protect it from the weather elements and contribute to a longer lifespan.

Things to Consider

Heat Retention

If you reside in Texas, you know all about those hot summer days. The last thing you want to deal with is a hot pool deck. So, when choosing your decking materials, consider which ones will retain less heat throughout the day. For instance, if you go with stone material, try to find one that is lighter in color so it will reflect the sun’s light rather than absorb it.

Maintenance Requirements

Webster TX Pool Deck Resurfacing

We install high-quality and beautiful pools in your backyard for a low cost.

Another important factor to consider when deciding on a deck material is the maintenance requirements. Over time, most materials will experience deterioration and visual signs of wear. However, there are preventative measures you can take to improve the longevity of your decking. Having a surface coating sprayed overtop your decking is a great start!

Webster TX Pool Deck Resurfacing

For more information about JR Pool Plastering and & Texas Gunite Ltd., visit our website! There you can also view a gallery of our finished projects, get inspiration for your backyard, read our blog, and learn about our services. Contact JR Pools for your Webster TX Pool Deck Resurfacing needs.

Webster, TX Fun Facts:

  • The Karankawa Indian Tribe once populated this area.
  • Webster was founded in 1879 by James W. Webster.
  • The first church in this town was formed in 1892.
  • For more information about Webster, TX, visit the city’s website!

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