3 Pool Features to Boost Socialization

November 9th, 2022

The colder seasons are a great time to get your pool renovated! Not only are you not using your pool, but if you renovate during the off-season, your pool will be ready to fill and dip in by the warmer months.

3 Pool Features to Boost Socialization

A tanning ledge is a delightful place to spend your time at the pool.

Your swimming pool can be just a pool you use for swimming, but it can be so much more. It can provide a great place to hang around during the summer months, and it can be the focal point of socialization during parties, neighborhood barbeques, and other social events.

Certain pool features can encourage socialization and allow guests to better connect with each other during these events. Here are some of the pool features that every entertainer should consider.

1. Tanning Ledges

These are also known as sun shelves, Baja shelves, and wet decks. Essentially, this is an extended step in the pool. Many pool owners put deck chairs on this shelf, allowing them to relax their lower bodies into the water without completely submerging their chest and head. In addition, they make great kiddie pools where the little ones can safely splash around.

A tanning ledge is a perfect marriage between the fun of the pool water and the relaxation of the poolside. As you sit back and enjoy the pool water, you will feel more amenable to the conversation, as you aren’t wasting your energy trying to stay afloat.

2. Swim-Up Bars

A swim-up bar provides the perfect opportunity for those in the water to interact with those on land. This pool feature consists of two elements: a set of barstools constructed in the shallow end of the pool and a countertop installed on the pool’s perimeter. Swim-up bars are perfect to have if you have an outdoor kitchen, but even if you don’t, you can still find great use in these if you like hosting barbeques.

3. Hot Tubs

3 Pool Features to Boost Socialization

Chill out in a hot tub!

Finally, there is always the classic choice: hot tubs! Even in the heat of summer, it always feels therapeutic to relax in a nice, bubbling hot tub. The shallow seats serve a similar purpose to tanning ledges, allowing you to sit and chat with other guests.

No matter what kind of pool features you are interested in, JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, LTD is ready to provide. See our work here and contact our crew if you see anything you feel inspired by. Reach out to our Houston office today and get ready to make a big splash next summer!

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