The Addition of Water Features Can Bring Elegance to a Pool

September 13th, 2023

If you are looking to update your inground swimming pool in a significant way, the addition of one or several water features can elevate your pool’s current design. Adding water features is a pool remodeling service we would gladly offer you here at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. There are many other remodeling services we offer, such as pool replastering, equipment replacement, pool retiling, and more.

water features

Beautiful water features can enhance your pool’s aesthetic.

Type of Water Features We Can Install in Your Swimming Pool

We have plenty of water feature options that you can choose from to mix and match in order to make the ideal aesthetic of your pool come to life. A few features we have installed before are waterfalls, bubblers, sprinklers, fountains, lazy rivers, and deck jets. Any of these features can add a luxurious or elegant touch to your pool.

Laminars, also known as deck jets, are jets that shoot a perfect arc of water into your pool. This particular water feature is perfect if you are looking to add a little flair, and it can even be programmed to change the height of the stream and coordinated with LED lights to provide a small show for your guests.

Waterfalls are an especially popular water feature that we have installed for many clients in the past because they can appear awe-inspiring and imposing while also providing a relaxing soundscape. It is hard to miss a stunning fall of water cascading over smooth stone, so a waterfall should be your first choice if you are looking for an attention-grabber.

What to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Water Features

water features

Add beautiful features to your pool by calling us today!

Establishing a budget and integrating new features into your current pool design should be among the first things you think about when beginning a pool remodeling project like this. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities rather than staying grounded in the present moment. Our talented team can help you stay grounded over the course of your pool remodeling project.

The water features you add to your swimming pool should complement the design you already have rather than overpower it. Landscaping, architecture, and style are all elements that should harmonize with the water features you are deciding to add. When you think about how everything in your pool will mesh together, creating a visually pleasing aesthetic is easy.

It is important to establish a realistic budget for your remodeling project before you decide exactly what water features you want to add to your pool. The cost of water features varies widely based on what the feature is and the materials you choose to use. Maintenance costs in the future are also vital to consider.

If you aren’t sure how to balance these considerations yourself, don’t fret; the JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. team can guide the way. Call us or visit us today to learn more about our water features and remodeling services.

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