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August 31st, 2023

At JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd., we know everything there is to know about marcite pool coating Houston, TX. With decades of experience, we are great at a wide range of services, such as rebuilding, replastering, and fixing pools.

We have made a name for ourselves by providing top-notch pool cleaning services and solutions that show how well we understand an industry that is always changing. No matter what your pool needs, we have the tools to give you a marcite pool coating service that meets your needs and goes above and beyond what you expect.

marcite pool coating Houston, TX

Our experts will make sure that your pool is in tip-top shape with a marcite pool coating.

Why Should You Choose Us for Marcite Pool Coating Houston, TX?

We are the best when it comes to marcite pool coating services because we are committed to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals does everything they can to make sure that every job they work on is done perfectly and meets the highest quality standards.

We know how important it is for your swimming pool to be the center of summer fun. With our excellent marcite pool treatment services, we focus on making it last longer and look better. We’re proud of the fact that we can take worn-out or broken pools and give them a new lease on life by paying close attention to detail and being skilled craftsmen.

Marcite pool covering, which is a type of plaster finish, is a popular choice for many pool owners because it is inexpensive and looks good. It’s a pretty durable material, but it may show signs of wear and tear over time if it’s constantly exposed to water, chemicals, and changes in the weather.

Explore Our Neat Services

We offer a lot of other pool services besides marcite pool coating. We offer the best services in terms of quality, performance, and results, whether it’s pool replastering, remodeling, or repairing a pool.

Replastering a Pool

We have one of the best services for replastering pools. Over time, the chemicals in your pool and the sun may cause the plaster around it to lose its shine. If the top of your pool feels rough or you see a lot of plaster dust in the water, it’s time to remarcite your swimming pool. We have the best knowledge and professional advice to give your pool a newer, more modern look.

Pool Renovation

Our pool remodeling service is a game-changer when it comes to turning your current pool into your dream outdoor oasis. We offer a wide range of options for remodeling, from adding new features like waterfalls and heating systems to changing the general design of the pool. All of our renovations improve not only the way your pool looks but also how it works.

Pool Repair

A pool that works well is important for fun and safety. Even though regular upkeep can help prevent many problems, sometimes pool repairs are needed. We have the right tools and know-how to make sure your pool is in the best shape, from small problems like fixing leaks to bigger problems like equipment replacement due to failure.

marcite pool coating Houston, TX

We are ready to turn your pool into a paradise oasis. Our marcite pool coating service is top-notch!

A Cheap Solution: Marcite Pool Coating

Choosing a marcite pool coating Houston, TX for your swimming pool not only makes it look better but it’s also less expensive than other pool finishes. The smooth, white surface of a newly coated marcite pool gives it a classic look that will never go out of style. It also makes it easier to find dirt and other waste.

Even though it isn’t as sturdy as some other materials, a marcite finish can last up to 10 years with proper care, giving you a good return on your investment. With the knowledge and dedication of our team, we make sure that this important protection is put on in the right way to make your pool last longer.

You can rest easy knowing that we handle every marcite pool coating job with the same level of care and professionalism, whether you want a new installation or need to fix or restore the surface that is already coated. Each job is different, and we make sure that it has a unique approach to meet your needs.

What is marcite made of?

Marcite is one of the oldest and most common products used to coat swimming pools. It is mostly made of water, white cement, marble dust, and certain additives that make the material last longer and less likely to get wet. When put on the surface of a diving pool, it creates a smooth, white surface that shines and reflects the color of the water in a beautiful way, making the pool look nicer.

Marcite is a type of concrete that has a nice look and is resistant to the chemicals that are often used in swimming pools. It can also handle changes in weather and temperature. But it’s not impossible to break.

Over time, the weather can wear it down, change its color, or cause it to crack. With proper and regular upkeep, a marcite coating can avoid these problems and last longer.

Why does marcite need maintenance?

Importantly, keeping and fixing a marcite surface is important not only for the pool’s looks but also for its health as a whole. When marcite is broken or worn away, calcium can build up, which can cause pool leaks and rough surfaces that can scratch swimmers. It could also throw off the chemicals in the pool, making swimming dangerous or unpleasant.

marcite pool coating Houston, TX

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Get Excellent Marcite Pool Coating

With a lot of information and years of hands-on experience, we make sure that your pool keeps giving you and your family the most fun year after year. We promise to give you fast, efficient, and high-quality services that fit your budget and schedule.

Remember that a well-kept pool is a good thing for your house. It gives people a place to relax, have fun, and work out. With JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd., you can be sure that your pool will always be in great shape, giving you years of fun and safety.

So, if you need a pool cover made of marcite in Houston, TX, think of us. We can help you with everything you need for your pool. Let us help you make your pool look exactly the way you want it to and call us today!

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