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Pearland TX Pool Deck Resurfacing

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Pearland TX Pool Deck Resurfacing

To get quality Pearland TX pool deck resurfacing, choose JR Pools.

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd is here for all your remodeling and repairing services. For example, we specialize in pool modifications, excavations, tile changes, erosion control, and more. If your backyard is looking a little dull because of an old deck or wear and tear consider giving us your project.

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If your pool’s surface has damage, then you need our plastering services.

As our client, we want to give you what you’ve been dreaming of. We will do this by providing you with the best service, plan, and design for your outdoor experience. Our pool services are the best in Pearland Tx. Because of our years in the industry, we have confidence in handling all types of pools.

Efficiency, integrity, and honesty are our principles. We want to give you a Pearland pool that satisfies your desires as quickly as possible without cutting any corners. This ensures that you have a beautiful long-lasting pool. This is the reason our customers keep coming back, we give them what they want.

Pool Services

Here at JR pools, we serve homeowners and pool builders alike.  As a pool owner hiring a pool remodeling service, you want to know the specific services they have. Whether they will appeal to you and if they can do what you want well. We have a wide range of services to fit all your needs.


It just so happens that our main focus is remodeling. From large to minor projects, that’s what we do. In our 40 years of serving the Greater Houston area, we have seen all kinds of pools in need of a facelift. Having experience like this puts us in a great spot to help you out.

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Pearland TX pool deck resurfacing

Let us fix the cracks, leaks, or dissatisfaction with the work done from past investments you’ve made on your pool. Our most common requests range from, tanning ledges, spas fire features, and water features. You might want to add a waterfall to your existing pool or a spa that completely changes the look of your pool. We can do just that for you.

The truth is that we sometimes get clients that no longer like what their swimming pools look like. They want to tear it out and start all over again. Guess what? We can do that too.

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Excavation has to do with the area that surrounds your pool. For example, if you would like to make your pool larger or change the shape we need to remove the dirt around to accommodate that. This usually requires for us to get a permit from the city of Pearland or the city of Houston.

Don’t worry about the permit process because we will take care of that for you. Because of our 40 years in the business we know exactly how to get the permit you will need. We will walk you through the process and all the codes. We will explain to you all the paperwork and let you know what parts you need to do.

During the excavation, it is important for you to let us know, any plans for lights, drains, and any finishes you might want. During this process, all of this needs to be taken into consideration.  We want everything to go smoothly and look great in the end. Get a quote today by calling 713-729-5014

The Process

Our company uses gunite in our modeling. We do this because we want to ensure that your pool has a long life. The process that we use is similar to building a gunite shell from the start.

Firstly, the construction process begins with clearing and cleaning the area that the remolding is being done.

The next step may or may not require excavation. This just depends on what you as the client want done. Next, we want to establish the perimeter of what is being added. We do this with a wooden framework so that anything that needs to be readjusted can easily be done.

Once this is done a concrete base will be poured into the framework. This gives the structure some stability and then the concrete needs to set.

After the concrete has set the rebar is laid out in the shape of the structure. Rebar will be added to give a 3D look. From here your pool will really begin taking the shape you desire.

Finally, the gunite will be sprayed to the rebar and form a shell. This part takes a couple of days to cure so we ask that you wait before refilling your pool again.

Once you get the go-ahead, you can refill your pool add the necessary chemicals and enjoy your newly renovated pool.

Pearland TX pool deck resurfacing

If you are still in love with your pool but are no longer in love with the deck surrounding it, we do Pearland TX pool deck resurfacing.

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Let’s change your deck to something you will love

Pool Deck Resurfacing is a process that basically gives your deck a facelift.

Concrete or tile is what can be used in this process. For example, if decorative concrete is your decision, maybe you are just looking for a simple style without having to worry about tiles. We would use a modified cement on top of the one you have before. This is to close any cracks that might have formed and give your deck a smooth look.

If you are thinking about having tile for your deck the process is fairly similar. Instead, we will clean what is there, plaster the surface, replace the existing tiles, then cure and seal them for a nice shiny finish.

We are happy to be serving the greater Houston area. We have been serving families and pool building companies for years and have a lot of samples. If you need to draw some inspiration from our past projects head over to our website. If you have any questions you can also go to our website and leave your name and email so that we can contact you or you can call us at 713-729-5014.

JR Pools is here for your Pearland TX pool deck resurfacing and pool remodeling needs.

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