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August 31st, 2023

At JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd., we know everything there is to know about swimming pool plaster repair 77401. We offer the best quality and service in the business when it comes to swimming pool plaster repair.

Our number one goal is to make your pool look its best. This project needs special skills, expertise, and access to the right supplies. We are proud to give all of these things to our valued clients.

swimming pool plaster repair 77401

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Swimming Pool Plaster Repair 77401 Is Our Specialty

Just like any other building or appliance in your home, pools decay and disintegrate over time. If your pool is in good shape, you can take a relaxing swim at lunch or a refreshing dive in the morning.

Over time, the plaster on your pool may start to disintegrate, causing it to change color, crack, or show the rough concrete underneath. This is where our services for swimming pool plaster repair 77401 come in. We take the stress off of you by fixing your pool so that it looks like new again.

Our unique method involves finding the problem, explaining it to the homeowner, and devising effective solutions.

Some Facts About Plaster Repair

In order to repair the plaster in your pool, we chip out the pieces that are loose. Depending on how bad the damage is, we either do a full chip out or a partial chip out. During this process, our team makes sure the pool’s frame stays strong and isn’t damaged. We go out of our way to get rid of calcium deposits, algae, and stains so that the finish is clean.

Next, our skilled team applies the new layer of plaster. This is the result of a careful selection process in which we choose only the finest materials to ensure your swimming pool lasts a long time. Our business offers a wide range of styles, such as quartz, pebble, and polished aggregates.

We fill the pool right away after putting on the new plaster to keep it from breaking. The curing process needs precise time, care with the chemistry of the water, and attention to small details, all of which our team knows well.

A Complete Pool Resurfacing

We also do pool resurfacing in 77401, which is different from pool plaster repair. To resurface a pool, you have to take off the old layer of plaster, clean the surface, and then put on a new cover. This makes the pool look better and fixes problems like leaks or algae that keep growing.

Our refinishing process lets us find and fix these problems, bring back your pool’s good looks, and make it last longer. We know how important it is to give your swimming pool a new, attractive look.

When it comes to fixing and remodeling a pool, experience is important. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years, so you can trust us. Our team of skilled professionals uses tried-and-true methods and high-quality products to repair and resurface plaster in the best way possible.

When you choose us to repair your pool’s plaster, you choose quality. Our art is meant to last through the years. We know that no two pools are the same, so we treat each job as our own.

We engage our customers in every step of the process, from the first inspection to the finishing touches. We can make your dreams come true by installing new tiles and coping or upgrading pool decks and lights.

swimming pool plaster repair 77401

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What are the signs of pool plaster disintegration?

It is very important to recognize the signs of pool plaster breaking down. This will allow you to contact a professional swimming pool plaster repair expert right away and prevent the damage from getting worse.

Rough spots on the top of your pool are a big sign that the plaster is coming apart. When plaster goes away, it can reveal the hard concrete below. This makes the surface rough and uncomfortable to walk on.

You might start to see spots or discoloration on the plaster. This is usually caused by a mix of chemical changes in the water and the fact that the plaster is getting old. This is a sign that it’s time to call in experts to fix the plaster.

Cracks in your pool’s plaster are a clear sign that it needs to be repaired. These cracks might look like small, shallow hairline breaks at first, but if you don’t fix them, they could turn into big structural problems.

Lastly, a pool that leaks could be a sign that the plaster is broken. Once the protected layer of plaster starts to break down, water can find its way out of the pool through cracks.

What are the benefits of pool resurfacing?

Pool resurfacing is one of the many services we offer at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. This is a process that has many benefits for pool owners.

  1. Improved Appearance: When you resurface your pool, the way it looks changes right away. Pools can get stained or change color over time because of things like chemical issues and the weather. By resurfacing, we can give your pool a beautiful, new look that will make your backyard look better as a whole.
  2. Longer Lifespan: The pool’s top layers wear down over time, which could lead to bigger problems if they aren’t fixed. By redoing your pool, you’re giving it a second chance at life.
  3. Less maintenance: An old pool surface can be a good place for algae and germs to grow, so it may need to be cleaned more often. On the other hand, a newly resurfaced pool is smoother and less likely to get these dangerous organisms. This makes it easier and faster to keep the pool clean.
swimming pool plaster repair 77401

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Our Swimming Pool Plaster Repair Services Are Here

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. is your trusted service provider whether you need a repair or a full remodeling for your swimming pool plaster. We work hard to give you the best ways to keep your pool healthy and beautiful.

We stand out from the rest because we pay close attention to details, work hard to do good work, and make great products. You can trust us to get your pool back to how it used to look. Contact us at our Houston office for the best swimming pool plaster repair service. Let’s get your pool back to its original comfort and beauty.

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