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Sugar Land TX Pool Refinishing

If you need Sugar Land TX pool refinishing, then you came to the right place. Swimming pool refinishing is our specialty here at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. This service is a great way to get any minor cosmetic flaws repaired. You can also get that total pool refinishing you’ve been holding off on.

Our team of experts can fix any problems your pool has. Cracks, discolorations, stains, leaks, or anything else. Sugar Land has no better team to satisfy your pool service needs. Transform your yard into the yard you have always dreamt of.

Your dream pool is just waiting to be installed. Outdoor living will seem completely different after our work. Your safe haven will look downright stunning.

What are you waiting for? Learn more about what we offer and how our services can help you. See just what we can do below.

Sugar Land TX Pool Refinishing

There is no better option than Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. for your pool needs.

Sugar Land TX Pool Refinishing

There is genuinely no better pool company in Texas that will provide you with our high-quality work. We are so well-versed and knowledgeable because of all the years we have been in this business. We have confronted practically every obstacle in this industry and are sure we can solve yours.

JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. has over forty years of experience in Houston—that is a lot of time! And remodeling isn’t all that we do. Our team has worked on excavation, gunite, shotcrete, tile/coping, erosion control, and detention ponds.

After our job is done, you will feel like you are on a resort, all while in the comfort of your backyard. What better experience could you possibly want? In addition, due to our extensive experience, we have the utmost confidence when working with our clients. We take into account your safety and many other important factors when going about our job.

Check out some of the expert work we have done over the years. You can be just like that and even better, depending on what you need. Your Sugar Land pool will be the best one on the block. We have the best prices, service, and efficiency at JR Pool Plasteirng & Texas Gunite Ltd.; see what you are missing out on.

Sugar Land TX Pool Refinishing

Our pool refinishing services are the best in Texas. We have the experience and knowledge to prove it.


With our Sugar Land TX pool refinishing services, you can finally get the renovation your pool has desperately needed. There are many ways to go about refinishing based on the pool owner’s needs. Do you need traditional pool replastering? Do you want to improve the durability of your pool?

There are many ways to approach the refinishing process. Whatever you need, we can easily provide it. See which of the following methods seems suitable for your pool build.


We have many different plastering options ready for you to take advantage of. If your pool surface is rough and ridden with cosmetic flaws, this is perfect for you. The least costly choice is our marcite option. But we recommend our Wet Edge products, like Altima or Luna Quartz, because of their durability and longevity.

We have six different Wet Edge product lines, including plaster, polished, and premium pebble finishes. These are the most durable and vibrant options available. For high-quality pools, look no further than here.

Tile And Coping

Coping is the material, like stone, that lines pool edges inside our outside and shell walls. This option makes your tile stand out with its vibrant and colorful look. And designing-wise, you can match this color with your outdoor seating.
It would be best if you used coping for many reasons besides how great it looks. Some of these reasons include preventing cracks and protecting your skin from sunburn. It is also less likely for scum rings to appear due to the coloring of the tile.

Concrete Pools

These things do wonders for your concrete pool. They not only make your pool more durable, but they also extend its life to as many as seven years. Say goodbye to rough floors.

You may experience rough floors, which causes you to pass up on a good swim. But with this service, that will no longer be the case. We will smooth those floors for you so you can experience its greatness.

Refinishing, specifically the tile and coping, prevents and reduces cracks it would typically face through significant weather changes. No more cosmetic flaws that irritate your soul. So, what are you waiting for? Get your pool refinished today or tomorrow; it’s your decision.

Sugar Land TX Pool Refinishing

With our Sugar Land TX pool refinishing services, you can finally have the dream pool you always wanted. Give our team a call today!

Why You Should Get a Refinishing

Many added features come along with refinishing and resurfacing your pool, some of which we briefly mentioned. You now know of the vibrant colors and how it prevents scum rings. You also understand that this service prevents your skin from burning. But there is much more that this service offers.

This makes your pool gorgeous. It will stand out in the neighborhood and match well with your seating. It also prevents your concrete pool shell from cracking or shifting.

In addition, coping is quite possibly the best way to add water features to your pool. The pool shapes can be however you please, and you can add waterfalls, fountains, or even a spa. The possibilities are truly endless.

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Give our team a call to finally get the pool of your dreams. You don’t have to wait anymore. We have everything you need at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd.

You can get your pool remodeled with the help of our highly experienced team of experts. We will complete the job efficiently and effectively. This Sugar Land TX pool refinishing company is waiting for your call.

Sugar Land TX Fun Facts

  • The first community to be named a Community of
    Respect in the nation.
  • We were a company town for over 50 years before our incorporation.
  • We are well known because of our sugar cane production.
  • For more information on Sugar Land, Texas.

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